The Fundacion International USA started in 1994 as as an idea of various private individuals willing to bring aid to the Dominican Republic.

A decade later, this idea was formalized as non-profit corporation 501 (c)(3) registered in the State of New Jersey.

From its beginning the members of the Fundacion have worked with the cooperation of divers public and private American institutions to bring aid to the Dominican Republic and eventually to other Latin American countries. The Fundacion most ambitious plan to date, deals with the construction of a Firefighters Academy and a Clinic in the Dominican Republic tha will support itself with proceeds from a residential project.


Technology, coupled with medical and technical personnel higly trained accredited, will offer diagnostics in the areas of internal medicine, cardiology, reproductive health, gastroentelogy, radio diagnostics, counseling in teen pregnacies, pre-natal care and HIV prevention. The Fundacion will hire the following professionals for the operation of the clinic:

Director: Responsible for the organizazation and administrative operation of the clinic.

Deputy Medical Director: Physician, with a minimum of 7 years of practice. Responsible for the medical services of the clinic.

Deputy Technical Director: Laboratory Technician, with a minimum 7 years of practice. Responsible for the technical serices.


To support and maintain a clinic with the latest
medical and lab equipments to afford quality health service to low-income families


The Fundacion USA plans the opening of a clinic for social services capable of meeting the needs of the segment population.

The recipients of these services will have at their reach diagnostic tools and psychological counseling that will allow timely intervention to better the quality of theirs lifes.

The clinic will operate in spaces designated in The Fundacion USA Center, to be built in the nead future. These services will be provided without any distinction. The only requisite to receive.